About my practice

Over the course of the last couple of years, my work has been rooted in painting, drawing and techniques related to fibers, including dyeing, screen printing, sewing, and knitting. Using these techniques, I create a relationship between my painting practice and the tactility of the materials I work with. Touch and sight are central to my art practice and I keep seeking new ways to highlight them within the traditional practice of painting.

I often draw on memories, forgotten moments I have seen and felt, that I get to re-interpret anew. Memories mark our personal histories and part of our internal structure and re-addressing them today allows me to question and alter their pertinence, weight and meaning.

I like to think that the content influences the surface and structure of the work, but this surface in turn influences the content through its make, textures, patterns, and treatment. In becoming a new form, the memory doesn't stop existing, but might manage to show another part of itself, its malleable structure, its effect or what has changed since then.